TechnoLibre wish to share the best of what the libre can do for businesses.
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What drives us

At TechnoLibre, we share confidence in the libre software philosophy, the desire to serve our community, and the passion for learning and computer programming.

Our products are designed for small and medium-sized businesses and organizations that want to automate tedious processes and focus on making their business successful.


No more unpleasant surprises; with our business management software, you no longer need to pay per user, prices are based on the use of resources.

Community oriented

We are committed to supporting communities and entrepreneurial organizations.


In addition to the benefits of libre movement that allow solutions to be copied, modified, studied and redistributed, we collaborate with developers around the world.

Deployed in Quebec

Deployment on server infrastructures here, on Quebec ground.

Discover the team behind technolibre

A dynamic multidisciplinary team of followers of the agile methodology


Mathieu Benoit

Mathieu Benoit

Chief Technology Officer

As a passionate defender of the libre software movement, Mathieu founded TechnoLibre following his principles. With his extensive knowledge and experience, Mathieu has driven the technical roadmap and software architecture of our flagship product, ERPLibre.


Marie-Michèle Poulin

Marie-Michèle Poulin


Passionate about language, real or invented, Marie-Michèle is a jack-of-all-trades focused on supporting companies in all their communication efforts. A designer in traditional mediums and a craftsman in her spare time, she can be counted on, whatever the need.

Duplicate Me

Full Stack Developer

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